Monday, October 10, 2016

Infinitely Lucky to Be

This morning I awoke in a world of quietude
Nothing here but the sounds of the mountain.
Surviving the adjustment, the temporary withdrawals,
the solitude, the pungent humid, the chiggers,
the disconnect from town life, requires patience.

Out here love finds us, the light finds us,
the simple finds us.
And the horses, oh the horses !
Always one to appreciate,
Turn off the engine for.
As one returns my gaze
I sense God's presence.

Oh dear, oh life, oh love !
This wonderful school earth is.
So that we may learn
to love a little more,
give a little better,
surrender a little deeper,
see a little clearer
and hear a little truer.

When I have released all my apprehensions.
And all that remains is one naked me.
Then I know I came here not in vain.
I am remembering the one important thing:
Finding the joy in my life.

Love, life, mountain and sky, all enchanted
and I infinitely lucky to be.

Written and painted in and about Cedar Mountain August 2016

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