About the Artist

Artist Statement:
All forms of art fascinate me and it's impossible for me to choose just one. Because I am such a dancer at heart, it is very present in my work.
Although I have been painting since childhood my journey as a painter is really just beginning. As a child and teen I worked with clay, fiber, clothes design, silk paper, paint, dance, theater, music and creative writing. My father was a well known sculptor and potter. So I grew up in a creative environment.
Traveling has filled me with renewed enthusiasm. The Light is what I am most drawn to and this is why I paint: I want to express the light I experience within. I love to develop relations between texture and color. I seem drawn to the enchanted and I know it comes from early childhood. I remember stepping into flower fields, and like magic I would enter my own dreamlike world. That imagery never left me and today I strive to put it on canvas.

Medium:  Acrylics
Lately I also work with watercolors and batik. Watercolors are very portable and suit me well while traveling.

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